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Playwright Things!
I am delighted to be the guest for the The Assembly's June show on June 4th. The Assembly is a collaborative sketch group that uses an interview with the month's guest (me!) to inspired sketches for the show. I'll be debuting two new storytelling pieces at this show as well!

I'm writing for the One-Minute play Festival that performs at The History Theatre June 3 and 4th

An excerpt from my cattlewoman play, The Hired Man, will be performed in the TEASE Showcase at the Crane Theater in Minneapolis, June 24th

My wedding play, Her Big Day, will received it's third production at Madlab Theatre in Columbus, OH, this May and it's fourth production at The Duluth Playhouse in June.

Improv Shows
Nimblicity @ Huge Theatre
9:30pm Fridays July and August
6:30pm Fridays September and October

Attenborough: The Improvised Nature Documentary
Twin Cities Improv Festival June 24th 11:30pm
9:30pm Fridays @ Huge Theatre September and October

Things to read!

Read my articles on satire website Reductress.com:
Here are a few to get you started

Woman Continues to Microwave Fish at Work

And some hilarious food writing:

Making Friends or Enemies with Chocolate Beet Cake



Photo by Cadence Cornelius

Photo by Cadence Cornelius