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My full length play, The Hired Man, is a finalist for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival Region V Award.

This same play has also been chosen for TEASE Minneapolis. Tease is a showcase of excerpts from full-length new plays.

I'll be writing for The 24 Hour Plays with Hennepin Theatre Trust performing on March 13th at 8pm at the Pantages Theatre. I am so excited to have my work up at the historic Pantages for the first time!

My play, Her Big Day, will received it's third production at Madlab Theatre in Columbus, OH, this May

Women's History Month: The Historical Comedybration (with fabulous prizes)
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
March 10, 11, 17 and 18 at 7pm

I produce, direct and head write this awesome show with a cast of amazing folks! The show is back for the fourth year in a row and this year it's all about the felonious females, law-breaking ladies and worst women of history. Come see just how bad these ladies can get!

Improv Shows

You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Ides of March
Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre
March 24 and 25 7:30pm
I'm thrilled to be a part of this brand new show at my favorite stage in two, performing topical (hopefully) comedic improv with legends of the Brave New Workshop

Minor League Showcase
ComedySportz Twin Cities
March 28th 8pm
I am over the moon to be chosen to take part in the two-day intensive leading up to this showcase. My first introduction to improv was through a knock-off version (real ComedySportz is so much better) of ComedySportz fifteen years ago. I love short-form and can't wait to play it for all of you!

Population 39
Huge Improv Theater
8pm Fridays Jan through April

It's the old school improv structures dusted off and polished up in Jan and Feb, in March and April we'll reinvent Close Quarters into something never to be seen again.

Neutrino Video Project
Huge Improv Theater
8pm Saturdays March and April

It's an improvised movie filmed in real time on good old tapes in and around Huge Theater.

The Theatre of Public Policy
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater
7pm Mondays in March and Apri
Explore big issues with improv comedy weekly with the spring season of T2P2. An all start line up of guest from the public sector, political office and expert authors.


My most infamous sketch is featured on the Brave New Workshop Comedy Theatre podcast. Warning NSFW (uness you wear headphones and can laugh quietly!) Give it a listen here!

An article I wrote for the satire site Reductress.com gets some airtime on Mouth Time with Reductress. Check it out!


Sketch Comedy 101 at Strike Theater starting Feb 18th!
Improv at The Brave New Workshop Student Union.

Things to read!

Read my articles on satire website Reductress.com:
Here are a few to get you started

Woman Continues to Microwave Fish at Work

And some hilarious food writing:

Making Friends or Enemies with Chocolate Beet Cake



Photo by Cadence Cornelius

Photo by Cadence Cornelius