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Come on in! In? Can you come in to the internet? Oh, yes you can, "in" is in it's name: internet.

Here's some quick news but feel free to poke around and read more things!

Quick News:

I'm writing a number of animation scripts for an international production company. I don't know if I can say more than that right now. But it's super fun and uses my background in children's theatre and wordplay!

I've just been approached to be a writer on the satirical MN news show Minnesota Tonight! It's a Daily Show style look at news in MN performing once a month live and in perpetuity online.

My wedding play, Her Big Day, will received it's third production at Madlab Theatre in Columbus, OH, this May and it's fourth production at The Duluth Playhouse in June.


Things to read!


Read my articles on satire website Reductress.com:
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And some hilarious food writing:

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Photo by Cadence Cornelius

Photo by Cadence Cornelius