The Plays

The Hired Man
By Heather Meyer
4W, 2M

A restless cattlewoman is hired on at struggling ranch in this a re-dreamed, re-invention of the Oedipus story set in the modern-day American West.

WAITRIX: Dominatrix Waitress
By Heather Meyer
2W, 3M Flexible

Something different is on the menu when a terrible waitress meats a mean-spirited restaurant critic. However, the customer isn't always right, especially when he's been a very bad boy.

Whips. Chains. Order Up.

Women's History Month: The Historical Comedybration (with fabulous prizes)
by Heather Meyer with Kelsey Cramer, Emily Schmidt, Shannon Troy Jones and Leslie Vincent
4+ Flexible

Part sketch comedy and part game show! Take a comedic journey through the 'softer' side of America's history with comedy sketches and historical reenactments to win fabulous prizes. This show contains real facts but it also has Truth or Dare. There's more at New sketches added every year!

Merblades: Memoirs of a James Cameron
By Heather Meyer
3W, 2M Flexible

The king of the world meets the queen of the ocean in this epic oceanic adventure featuring Titanic filmmaker James Cameron as he explores the ocean floor and becomes entangled in a feud between two ancient metal mermaids - Merblades. Based on real and fake facts. Learn more at

Your Responsibility for Sex Failure
By Heather Meyer with Mary Certain
3W, 1M

Get your out-dated sex advice! Based on a 1964 women's magazine medical fantasies come to life in a dashing doctor's office. Sexy. Campy. Doctory. It's 1964. An "audience pick" winner in the 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival

Stepmother's Manifesto
By Heather Meyer
4W, 2M

Cinderella has never been so inappropriate in this reality TV makeover.


The Shorter Plays: Ten minutes or so

Her Big Day
By Heather Meyer
An all too hospitable bride turns into the anti-bridezilla on her wedding day.

Vague, Generic or Wishy-Washy!
by Heather Meyer
The only game show where the host makes up the rules and eveybody strives to be marginalized! Fun!

Santa Claus-tastrope
By Heather Meyer
Santa gets pissed when he is refused acceptance into the Justice League, prompting Old Kris Kringle to turn to the dark side and terrorize the world as a super villian.

Woman with a Bat
By Heather Meyer
Moments of baseball highlight milestones in a women's life.
Chosen for the "best of" production by Georgetown Theatre Company's 2013Swan Day.

Being Reasonable
by Heather Meyer
A one-woman piece about an affair with a professor and the subsequent obsession of, which of course, is anything but reasonable.

A Well-Made Lunch
By Heather Meyer
When a young dragon's lunch is stolen by a bully, he learns that he doesn't have to know how to breathe fire to be brave.

Intergalactic Fashion Police
By Heather Meyer
Detective Jupiter is on the case when she discovers there's a jewelry thief stealing all the planetary rings in the solar system.